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OS Present: 8 Interesting Facts About Brooches


Some people just see that ornament or decorative jewelry, sparkling when pinned to a dress and they know it’s a brooch but beyond that they know nothing else about the brooch. Here are some facts to know about brooches: 1. Brooches were not always jewelry: they started out as practical tools for securing pieces of clothing like loincloths. 2. They ...

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Simplicity! FemyToys Reveals “Geometry 3.0” For Wet ’17


Fast rising menswear label Femy Toys has released the second part of its collection for WET 17. The design house whose design soul is carefully stitched to creating shapes on timeless silhouettes, strives to maintain simplicity while adding a core element of living, which is our culture. The brand draws its inspiration from the Northern part of Nigeria as seen in this ...

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OS Present: Fiona Thinks So! See Her Smoothie Recipes For Lush Hair


  Fiona of www.finallyfiona.com is sharing one of her secrets to healthy hair and it’s drinking smoothies, can you believe it? There are three major things that contribute to the health of your hair and they are * Genetics *External care (this includes manipulation, conditioning, styling etc * Internal Health (what you eat and drink etc) You know what they say… ...

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OS Present: Print Cropped Top x Butterfly Print Mini Skirt


  Hello “Style Revolutionists”, this is my first style diary, my yesterday was quite hectic plus it rained heavily in Lagos. Today on Owambe Style, we are giving you this eye catching printed cropped top paired with this butterfly print mini skirt from Fashion Designer Lanre DASila Ajayi See more photos of below of my look below!

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The Royal Men Season Style!


Behind every well-built body is a well-built wardrobe. Every man wants to look good at every occasion, but with the perfect style you gat. You are good to go. Here are top men styles for you to be a ‘Royal Man’. See photos below.  

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