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Owambe Food


Lisa Folawiyo

Our ‘Quote of the Day’, today is from Lisa Folawiyo; ” It’s Always All About The Print And The Embellishment Has Never Left The Show”  

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First To Come, First To Go


                In the average Nigerians lifetime, jollof rice is the most popular food in O parties which is eaten in thousands of portion with its attractive color and sumptuos taste makes it the preferred dish in occasions. It is enjoyed with vegetable salad or fried plantain   No doubt jollof rice is ‘First to ...

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Okro For Owambe

Okro Soup

    Lot of people find it difficult to eat Okro Soup in O parties. What did you think about serving Okro Soup in Nigeria parties? Is Okro Soup good to go guys?

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